About me

tim@timgroen.com    /    Instagram: @timgroen

I’m an advanced Yoga teacher (RYT 500) based in NYC. I first started practicing yoga in the late 1990’s. Since then I’ve been trained in Rishikesh, India to teach classical Hatha Yoga and to instruct meditation. My classical training abroad was followed by Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga teacher trainings at Integral Yoga Institute of New York (established in 1967 by Sri Swami Satchidananda). I also became a certified Raja Yoga teacher. Raja Yoga is the branch of Yoga which deals with the ancient Yoga Sutras, and with calming the mind – think of meditation – in order to Self-realize.

What I teach:
I practice and teach Hatha Yoga, with the goal of creating an experience of unity between breath and movement, and between body, mind and Self.
Hatha Yoga is the branch of Yoga that unites pairs of opposites; its practice is balanced and peaceful. It is a union between exertion, or the dynamic, and letting go, or the static.
I teach regularly scheduled group classes and stand-alone workshops at various locations, as well as private sessions. I have led the open meditations on the Highline; 2018 is my third year of doing this.

What to Expect in my classes:
My classes combine what is generally described as ‘Hatha Flow’—in which movement is aligned with breath—with postures that are held a bit longer for a deeper experience. This means that your body will be deeply stretched as your mind starts to relax. With warmth and attention for each student, I enjoy presenting practices and variations that are new and challenging. You’ll learn traditional yoga techniques rooted in ancient yoga philosophy, but taught in a current and applicable way.

What to expect in private sessions:
Private classes are completely tailored to your capabilities and interests, with the understanding that these can shift from session to session. Whether you want to get into deep stretches at a meditative pace, or whether you want to an super energetic practice, working on your arm balances and advanced binds, I will give you detailed instructions to help you safely further your practice in Hatha Yoga, pranayama and/or meditation.

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