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Weekly at Integral Yoga:

Monday 5:15 pm: Level II (Intermediate) 90 minutes

Friday 6:15 pm Level II/III (Intermediate/Advanced) 90 minutes

Weekly at MMX:

Mondays 12:00PM: Yoga for Men (Multilevel) 70 Minutes

Wednesday 1:00PM: Yoga for Men & Deep Relaxation (Multilevel) 120 Minutes

Integral Yoga Institute  227 West 13th Street, NYC, Check the updated Integral Yoga schedule for more classes by me.

MMX 51 West 14th Street,  NYC

Schedule private sessions (or small-group-privates with a friend or two, or three) for yoga, pranayama, meditation or all three. Establish or deepen your practice in the privacy of your own environment.

Me & Yoga :

I first started practicing Yoga in New York, in the late nineties. Many years later I became an Integral Yoga certified Intermediate / Level II and Advanced teacher. I also trained in Rishikesh, India, where I graduated as a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher. To deepen my own understanding of the Yoga Sutras, I graduated at IYINY as a certified Raja Yoga teacher. Raja Yoga is the ancient branch of Yoga that calms the mind through the practice of ethics and meditation. Raja Yoga’s methodical approach to achieving inner peace was laid out, thousands of years ago, by the great sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

I teach regularly scheduled classes, private sessions and workshops, and has led public meditations in NYC’s Highline park. In my classes and workshops we practice traditional yoga techniques rooted in ancient yoga philosophy, made applicable to our lives today.

I’m proud to teach and practice in the lineage of Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Liz Brown photography for Integral Yoga Institute

Liz Brown photography for Integral Yoga Institute