SUN OCT 13: Beacon Yoga Center:  Upside Down, Inversions For All. In this fun two-hour inversion workshop you’ll get to work on your confidence and skills in a variety of  postures. Any time we practice postures where the heart is placed higher than the head, we are in an inversion. These satisfying, but sometimes tricky postures add a new perspective, stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, are good for the heart, have a calming effect and strengthen the core, among many other benefits.

SAT OCT 19: Integral Yoga NYC: Yoga Sutras On The Mat. Make your Hatha practice a more inward-turning and satisfying activity. Enjoy a beautiful and detailed Hatha Yoga class, and learn how to combine your Yoga practice with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, one of the oldest Yoga scriptures. Learn how to slow down to explore what your body-mind is feeling, keeping your practice interesting and challenging. For example, we will practice the yama and niyama by applying “contentment” and “harmlessness” and ease into postures with Pratipaksha Bhavana, letting go of any hindering thoughts of self-judgment.

SUN OCT 27: Integral Yoga NYC: Vinyasa Class with Live Music: Attention Outward and Inward with Nirmal Chandraratna. Join the Yoga teachers Tim Groen and Nirmal Chandraratna for a 120-minute musical Yoga class. Enjoy a vinyasa-style class led by Tim, a Jivamukti Yoga and advanced-level Integral Yoga teacher, while Nirmal, a new IY teacher and a musician and kirtanist, leads the opening chants and provides meditative live music (with harmonium, cello, and vocals) throughout the class, which will help you turn inward as you practice. In Vinyasa Yoga the attention and breath provide the linking mechanism, and breath helps make actions more conscious. The class concludes with a blissful, 30-minute Yoga Nidra session with music.

JUNE 13-19, 2020: 7-DAY YOGA RETREAT FOR MEN IN TUSCANY. Join me for a beautiful immersion in a yogic lifestyle for all men* who have at least some yoga experience. Deepen your practice, with a teacher who is loved for his warmth and lighthearted approachMake new friends with whom to share your love for yoga in a beautiful, safe environment. Enjoy locally harvested, delicious, vegan meals to further reset your system. You’ll leave with confidence in your yoga practice, feeling peaceful, clean and light.

Weekly at Integral Yoga:

Monday 5:15 pm: Level II (Intermediate) 90 minutes

Friday 6:15 pm Level II/III (Intermediate/Advanced) 90 minutes

Weekly at MMX:

Monday 12:00PM: Yoga for Men (Multilevel) 70 minutes

Thursday 10:00AM: Yoga for Men (Multilevel) 60 minutes

Integral Yoga Institute  227 West 13th Street, NYC

MMX 51 West 14th Street,  NYC


June 2019:
Jivamukti Guest Class at Yoga Spot Amsterdam

January 2019:
Sacred India tour guided by Swami Divyananda. I led daily yoga classes while touring holy and sacred sites of India, including  Chennai, Thiruvannamalai, Coimbatore and Rishikesh.

October 23, 2018:
Yoga Sutras on the Mat. Integral Yoga NYC

September 30, October 7 and 14, 2018:
The Beginner Series’, a three-week course for new beginners. MMX New York

September 23, 2018:
The Brush-Up. A workshop for beginners and for those out of practice. MMX New York

July 31, 2018:
Leading the Public  Meditation in the Highline Park, NYC

July 15, 2018:
Steady and Easeful, Yoga for Body and Mind, workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

July 14, 2018:
Going Up! Inversions Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

June 14, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: Prana), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

June 5, 2018:
Leading the Public  Meditation in the Highline Park, NYC

May 10, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: The Niyamas), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

April 15, 2018:
Bottoms Up: Inversions Workshop  – MMX New York

April 12, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: The Yamas), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

March 11, 2018:
Yoga Sutras on the Mat / Workshop  – Integral Yoga New York

January 30, 2018:
Animal Haven Yoga Benefit / Fundraiser for Animal Haven New York

December 23 & 30, 2017:
Hatha Yoga: A Balanced Practice / Workshop  – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

December 27,  2017:
Yoga Sutras on the Mat / Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

December 28,  2017:
Yoga and Pranayama / Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

September 17,  2017
Gay Yoga Sangha, Integral Yoga New York

September 12 2017:
Open Meditation on the Highline

August 15, 2017:
Open Meditation on the Highline

August 7, 2016:
Postures and Sutras / Workshop  – Woodbury Yoga Center

July 12, 2016
Open Meditation on the Highline

June 21, 2016
Open Meditation on the Highline

May 4/ 25, 2016
Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga  / Four-Week Course – Integral Yoga New York