Weekly at Integral Yoga:

Monday 5:15 pm: Level II (Intermediate) 90 minutes

Friday 6:15 pm Level II/III (Intermediate/Advanced) 90 minutes

Weekly at MMX:

Monday 12:00PM: Yoga for Men (Multilevel) 

Wednesday 12:00PM: Yoga for Men (Multilevel)

Integral Yoga Institute  227 West 13th Street, NYC, Check the updated Integral Yoga schedule for more classes by me.

MMX 51 West 14th Street,  NYC


Sunday 9/23 ‘The Brush Up’, a single session for beginners and for those out of practice. Men Only.  MMX, 12-2PM

Sundays 9/30, 10/7 and 10/14: ‘The Beginner Series’, a three-week course for new beginners. Men only. MMX, 12-2PM

Tuesday 10/23: ‘Yoga Sutras on the Mat; Deepen Your Hatha Practice with Ancient Wisdom’, Learn how to combine your physical Yoga practice with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Apply “contentment” and “harmlessness,” and ease into postures with pratipaksha bhavana, letting go of any hindering thoughts of self-judgment. We will look at what the Sutras say about asana and what we can concentrate on in order to calm the mind. By learning to apply these attitudes in your practice, you’ll be practicing them in your daily life as well. Integral Yoga, 7-9PM (LINK)

January 12-29, 2019: SACRED INDIA TOUR (link)  with Swami Divyananda Ma. I will assist Swami Divyananda and serve as her ‘Sadhana Captain’. I will lead daily morning meditation and Hatha Yoga practice. The Sacred India Tour includes ashrams, temples, historic sites, and satsangs with  great spiritual teachers  — it’s a full immersion into the deep spirituality of an ancient culture!  In addition, your own practices will be enhanced and deepened through the daily practice of both meditation and hatha yoga.

Swami Divyananda, the tour leader, has led tours in India for twenty years, plus she lived in South India for ten  years.  She definitely “knows the ropes” and will keep you safe and healthy as we travel from place to place.  

September 2019: Six-Day Men’s Yoga Retreat, Tuscany. Exact dates TBA.  Six healthy, peaceful and fun days of Yoga, meditation, massage exchanges, talks and much more, in an enchanted medieval hamlet nested on the wild hills of Tuscany.  Each day we will enjoy  a meditation and two yoga sessions (morning and evening), and in the n evenings we will alternate massage exchanges among fellow yogis, with deep guided relaxation, talking circles, and sound baths.  Over the 6 days together, we will dive deep into how Yoga can help you calm the mind, and we’ll looks at what yoga can bring to sexual -or creative- energy, through awareness  of breath, body and mind. We will come to see the physical postures of Yoga as part of  a wider, ancient system of practical, proven approaches to experience inner peace.




July 31, 2018:
Leading the Public  Meditation in the Highline Park, NYC

July 15, 2018:
Steady and Easeful, Yoga for Body and Mind, workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

July 14, 2018:
Going Up! Inversions Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

June 14, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: Prana), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

June 5, 2018:
Leading the Public  Meditation in the Highline Park, NYC

May 10, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: The Niyamas), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

April 15, 2018:
Bottoms Up: Inversions Workshop  – MMX New York

April 12, 2018:
Gay Yoga Sangha (theme: The Yamas), With Swami Chidananda – Integral Yoga New York

March 11, 2018:
Yoga Sutras on the Mat / Workshop  – Integral Yoga New York

January 30, 2018:
Animal Haven Yoga Benefit / Fundraiser for Animal Haven New York

December 23 & 30, 2017:
Hatha Yoga: A Balanced Practice / Workshop  – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

December 27,  2017:
Yoga Sutras on the Mat / Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

December 28,  2017:
Yoga and Pranayama / Workshop – Yoga Spot Amsterdam

September 17,  2017
Gay Yoga Sangha, Integral Yoga New York

September 12 2017:
Open Meditation on the Highline

August 15, 2017:
Open Meditation on the Highline

August 7, 2016:
Postures and Sutras / Workshop  – Woodbury Yoga Center

July 12, 2016
Open Meditation on the Highline

June 21, 2016
Open Meditation on the Highline

May 4/ 25, 2016
Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga  / Four-Week Course – Integral Yoga New York