“Never without humor, the excitement in Tim’s sessions aims at inner poise and clarity. Tim’s mastery of the poses, his flexibility, strength, and elegance of demonstration make a helpful model to observe and learn from. But more important is his personal attention to each student. I would add that some of his training in the Yoga traditions comes from his study in India, which, however important for him, emerges in class subtly and not didactically. I learn something new every time.”
Joseph M, NYC

“Tim is a wonderful inspiring teacher. He teaches a variety of postures with creative sequences that take my practice deeper each time. Poses that have always been part of my practice feel fresh and new due to his guidance.
He offers students tempting, aspirational options that are informed by his own advanced practice. He encourages students to go a little further and to try a little more with a lightheartedness that makes you feel at ease, regardless of your level of practice.”
Molly Heron, Yoga Therapist

“I’ll take any class Tim is teaching. I always sweat, I usually laugh, and often find myself in poses I’ve never done before. He offers a unique blend of tradition and exploration with a skilled yet playful delivery.”
-Daniel G, NYC

“When Tim leads a group of yogis there’s always a magic spirit in the air, and lots of positive energy. Tim’s sessions are never identical, but they’re always challenging and gentle at the same time. He is very student oriented; you leave knowing that he observed your individual practice and helped you deepen it with personal assists just for you.
I’m grateful to him for each time I practiced with him, and I will keep coming.”
-Martin N, NYC

“He’s able to bring the group together for a shared experience while providing individual attention to help everyone achieve their goals. He provides just the right amount of instruction—and options, depending on your flexibility and fitness level—and also explains how the poses benefit the body and mind. Some days I want to be challenged. Some days I want to tune out the world and recharge. Whatever my personal goal, I leave class feeling a sense of accomplishment and serenity.”
-Robert M, NYC

“Tim’s energy encourages students to create a warm spirit of fraternity.  It is an incredible luxury to walk in off the street, right into an environment that can remove one from day-to-day life so completely. You never know what it took for someone to get on the mat or what their day was like before they got there…but Tim creates this environment where none of that matters and men can come together and be very comfortable.”
Rob P, NYC